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Michele Gonsman is a sought after national speaker. She is dynamic and energetic. She speaks on such topics as the Affordable Care Act, Documentation, Goal Setting and Leadership.

Michele has a variety of programs available, and is able to customize her presentation to your needs. Her documentation lectures cover the use of the nursing process and critical thinking to improve patient care and outcomes. The Affordable Care Act covers such topics as Patient Satisfaction, Re-admissions, Value Based Purchasing, Chronic Disease Management, and The Patient Factor.

Michele uses real life experiences and real case examples in her lectures. She gives nurses guidance and education they can immediately put into practice.

Michele has been a keynote speaker. She is able to provide small 1-2 hour lectures, all day seminars, or multi-day workshops.

Attendees at Michele’s lectures have said such things as,

I’ll take any lecture you give.

I thought I would be bored, but the day flew by. Thank you for your energy.


I learned so much.

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